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Frilly and feminine, you can't tell us nothing! Designed to enhance some of our favourite body parts, this dress gives waistline definition, flatters hips, hides or shows off sholuders, covers a bloated tummy, and fluffs up a bootie without injections. You have the choice of two varitions, w/sleeves or without.

You know your body so we will let you take it from here.


Comes with long fabric belt for the bow.

Frills 'N Thrills w/Sleeves

$64.00 Regular Price
$51.20Sale Price
  • Care Instructions

    Wash with like colours, no bleach. Tumble dry but not too hot. It's not a bunch of fluffy towels you know...

    Steam, or iron with a spritz of water for any deep winkles if needed.

  • Fit

    The model wearing our Frills 'N Thrills w/Sleeves, is a apple shape.  Please see the Frills 'N Thrills for the fit on a pear shaped model

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