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About Us

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Fit + Flow is made up of a two women team. 


Jes, a boss in the clothing industry, has been making and designing clothes for women internationally for over 15 years. A mother of 3, she knows how important comfort is and how easily our bodies change with motherhood or just every day life. She’s made it her goal to find a way to flatter the best parts of her clients. 


Jay, an international performing artist, has been designing custom clothes and gowns for herself and a multitude of women in the industry. A plus sized woman her herself, she’s tired of ill fitting ‘plus sized’ items that are just oversized and not made for her body type. “We are not a one shape fit all”, and she’s out to change that mentality. 


Together they are two women who just want to make gorgeous and comfortable clothing for women of all shapes. Fit + Flow is about creating designs based of shape and not size. Bigger bust? Smaller hips? Full buttocks? Thicker waist? Broad shoulders? Round hips? Strong arms? We are all shaped so differently. Let’s celebrate our body shapes!


We make it Fit so you can Flow. 


Jes & Jay

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