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Let's Talk Shape

Knowing your shape, knowing what looks good and pairing is with your own unique fashion sense ……… what we like to call fashion science. 
You have been you your whole life and most likely dressing yourself since you were five…….so you know you. Nothing new here!
Somewhere in everyone’s unique fashion journey they learned that certain articles of clothing compliment their own unique body traits. You've been told to wear shirts or blouses that complement your upper body, belts and patterns that define your waist, bottoms that elongate your legs; dare I go on? 
Jes and I started Fit and Flow because women like us were tired of seeing the most beautiful articles of clothing and knowing with  small tweaks they would be complimentary to many body types.
We are doing it different!  
We are not blanket designing for the masses, we are creating pieces in a few variations……….Same gorgeous fabric, same silhouette but altered so you can choose the one that best compliments your shape, the one that makes you look your best and the one that makes you strut down the street to your own internal theme song.
Fit & Flow is here to create a movement where we celebrate our body shapes, love the way we look and continually play our own internal theme song as we strut down our own personal fashion runway.
Happy Shopping!  
Janaia Farrell
International Performing & Recording Artist
Co-owner of Fit and Flow Designs
Janaia Farrell Singer

How We Fit Your Body Shape


Fresh and Vibrant for Summer

So first we decided on our colours. The Pantone summer 2021 collection spoke to us and had some vibrant colours we wanted to experiment with.



Attractive and Fun

Then we designed the pieces and considered the variations and how they will fit on different body types. We consider comfort, how the piece will move, trouble areas, and of course, style.



Durable and Easy to Wear

This process takes the longest. Quality is so important and we also wanted to consider the sustainability of the fabric, how easy and affordable it is to clean, how it steams/irons, and how it feels and looks on the body



Realistic Clothes

Once the design and fabric have been decided, we test the pieces on our models. This is the make or break it test. If they don't like it, we drop it or go back to the drawing board. Real women with all body shapes have approved our clothing. They've sat in it, jumped in it, held a baby with it on, real world stuff. Simply standing and posing for a picture, just isn't enough.



After months of preparation, we end up with a product we feel good to stand behind, like our Watermelon Sugar Flyyy Dress. Three variations offer you the ability to dress for your body shape in the way that's most comfortable for you. 

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